What is quality assurance?


In the market there is a constant struggle to be first in the list of companies with the greatest attribute in what products are concerned, because giving a good product with the corresponding quality is the priority of any company, and there will always be the battle that decides who has greater quality assurance.


 This is defined as the total effort that is made to plan, organize or even direct and control quality in a processing system with the sole objective of giving all customers products that can satisfy this characteristic.  It basically consists of being able to guarantee that quality is what it should be.  Thus, the effectiveness of a company can be managed in such a way that it becomes a competitive weapon in the market.

Quality methods in societies deal with the evaluation of how and why things are done.  One of the most significant benefits is being given by the reliability at the time of waiting for the business that certain clients have, which is given thanks to such a system.  Although the quality technique can help to sustain this and other expectations, it is only a means and cannot take the place of the objectives previously set for the association.  Finally, such a method must be constantly revised and updated to certify obtaining valuable and economically plausible improvements for the company.

 What is information assurance?

 Since the creation of public networks, maintaining data security has been a serious problem, of which few feasible solutions have come to light, given that we can observe how personal information of hundreds of people ends up being revealed in the light without the affected people have the minimum knowledge of it, this is why the companies apply the assurance of the information.

 This is considered as the use of some tools and activities to protect the information that is handled, research systems and public networks.  Things that end up contributing enormously with the decision making of some organizational entities, because it is maintained and generates timely, integrated, confidential and authentic inquisition.  Also, it is considered as a very important element so that companies do not reject computer resources, possibly of value for fear of the related inconveniences.

 The task of ensuring all this can take many forms, such as the protection of personal and non-personal data, systems and processes of compliance with current regulations.  This must be identifiable, feasible and of a consistent assessment or control against an adequate criterion of the evidence supporting the evaluation or measurement.

 Caution should be exercised with the topic of the investigation in the networks, since at present several inconveniences have been presented by this same subject, since the companies do not fully specify this assurance of the information, making any knowledge that they have of the person, being this private, finishes revealing itself against the free network, being at the hand of any, by putting the client’s privacy at risk, instead, of offering the protection of the same.