Types of insurance policies, find the perfect one for you


The insurance numbers that exist today are very broad, because they cover from the needs of the human being.  From the loss or loss of an electronic object to the recovery of a House collapsed by an Earthquake. Find the perfect insurance policies for you.


 Personal insurance:

 These insurance cover all risks that may affect the existence, physical integrity or health of the Insured.  Life insurance is essential to own it because it covers what is necessary.

 Individual life insurance: It is carried out in cases of death of the Insured, whether caused by accident, murder, or natural causes.  This will cover the measures required by ceremonial, hospital, surgical services, among others.

 Property insurance

 They are the services in charge of covering the patrimonial damages by direct or indirect cause.  They cover the risks that they could cause, by:

Damages arising from natural eventualities, such as fires, earthquakes, tsunami, storms, among others.  These insurances cover infrastructure damage that may be caused by these natural disasters.

For example, Public Transportation has insurance that covers passengers in case of an accident or damage caused by the unit.  Construction Companies are protected by insurance covering the damage of a Machinery, as well as the loss of construction materials, compensating the delay of the Work, and avoiding fines.

 Car insurance:

 Its objective is to cover the damages caused to people, external objects not belonging to the car, and the main and secondary damages of the vehicle.  Vehicle insurance systems cover: Travel assistance, for agency vehicles, transportation expenses, such as extra tire packages; vehicle damage, towing and transportation, in case of breakdown, and ambulance.

 Liability insurance:

 Damage caused by the action of third parties, whether by action or omission, this insurance service covers it.  They exist from the Environmental Pollution, safeguarding habitats and natural monuments, the one of Corporate Civil Responsibility, the one of Executives and administrators of companies, to take care of their image and identity.

 Credit insurance:

 These insurances are processed when there are losses generated by the prolonged delay, lack or non-compliance, of the total payment or quota of a debt, coming from the clients.  These insurance systems are used to prevent foreclosures, mortgages or loss of property as a form of payment.