Learn about the role of a Lawyer, it can benefits you in a great way


The role of a lawyer is as necessary in the day to day of society as the judge of a jury, of which the lawyer is an accomplice.  Since men have quarreled, that began with Cain and Abel, someone who decides that their rights must exist, from the beginning of time.


 The defense of these requires argumentation and certain knowledge, the latter of greater complexity, and that abound as society progresses.  Having to resort to the defender is an act of elementary sanity.  It is the lawyers who exhibit with logic and technique the magistrates the facts of the case that is presented, and the laws that can be applied to it, thus simplifying the work of the judge.  It is for this reason that they are called collaborators of justice.

 Understanding it in this way, lawyers of all times and from all continents have placed special perseverance in relievar important, prestige and function so essential to society that their profession offers.

 The order since it was named by the Emperor of the East Justin, in the 6th century AD, to differentiate it from the different clans and merchants, who added material labor, has always taken into account that the behavior of its members is oppressed  to the rules of honor and truth over anything.

 In its principles, the profession was only represented by two illustrious people, who produced their defenses without any cost, as an honorable obligation that was shown as a counterpart of being head of the gens family.  It was a mandatory task correlative of the privilege of the leader.  In other words, the real meaning of the aristocracy: not some occasion for leisure, but an impulse of responsibility and concern on the part of others.  The head of the gens exercises his position of defender by supporting his family and clients.

 The disposition was kept for illustrious people, and only the multiplication of the insufficiencies of the defense, they demanded to extend it later to other persons that by their facility and oratory capacity, requested their convocation in the table of the defenders.  The registration in the Institutions of Lawyer vestige of this inscription.

 Advocacy, like all professions at one time or another, has been an object of criticism and mockery.  Then we will see in the future how these judgments ignore ignorance about the difficulty of the role played by the lawyer in society and the twist that is an entity by some of the participants of this profession.

 Currently in different continents the importance of lawyers has been overlooked, and this is due to the ignorance that occur in cases in different parts of the world, this is why lawyers are highly underestimated in this era. It should also be noted that thanks to the power that some entities have, civilians or of greater caliber as governmental entities, they can get rid of the laws easily due to the great weight they have in society, which means that they can parade almost without being perceived.