Fire incident? Learn something new about Fire Insurance


The one that guarantees the insured the delivery of compensation in case of fire of the goods determined in the policy or the repair or replacement of damaged parts. Learn hot to get a Fire Insurance


According to Spanish legislation, combustion and burning with flames, capable of spreading from objects or objects that were not destined to be burned in the place and time it occurs, is considered a fire.

 In general, the main purpose of this insurance is the compensation of the damages suffered in the objects insured because of a game, including also the expenses that cause the relief of those goods or the damages that take place in them when trying to save them.  It can also be guaranteed in the same fire policy a series of coverages or complementary insurance such as:

 The civil liability in which, as a result of the fire, the owner of the damaged property may have incurred in front of third parties, or the insured may have incurred as tenant of the burnt premises, in front of the owner thereof.

 The loss of profits caused by the stoppage of work in the company or exploitation burned.

 Branch of Civil Liability

 In it, the insurer undertakes to indemnify the insurer of the damage that may be suffered by its patrimony as a result of the claim made by a third party, for the responsibility that may have been incurred, both by the insured himself and those persons from whom he must respond civilly  .

 The payment of the amounts for which the insured is civilly liable.

 The constitution of the judicial bonds that may be required.

 The judicial expenses caused by the defense of the civil liability of the insured.

 Bouquet of Automobiles

 It is the one whose purpose is the provision of compensation for accidents resulting from the movement of vehicles.

 In general, the legislation of most countries is differentiated in this respect between the so-called Mandatory Insurance normally intended to cover, within the legally established limits, personal or material damages caused to third parties.

 In Spain, the Compulsory Motor Insurance is intended to cover the liability of the owner or driver for bodily injury or material damage that, due to the circulation of your vehicle, can produce to third parties, with the following limits.

 Bodily damages, 8,000,000 pts.  per victim.

 Material Damage, 2,000,000 pts.  per claim, whatever the number of victims.

 Medical and hospital care expenses will be fully covered by the insurance company if it is provided in Health Centers.

 Robbery Branch

 In this the insurer agrees to indemnify the insured for the damages suffered as a result of the disappearance, destruction or deterioration of the insured objects, due to theft or attempted theft.  The risk of spoliation is also included, understood as the loss or deterioration of the insured objects caused by the illegal appropriation of the same, carried out through violence or threats.

 An essential feature of this insurance is that the theft, the attempted robbery, so that they are compensable, must be carried out by people other than the insured.